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Our Story


El Hornito is a new family-owned restaurant in the city of Newark, CA. Cesar Gomez and Areli Aguilar are a native Mexican couple opening their first Italian-American restaurant. Cesar Gomez has more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry. From a very young age, he learned the craft of being a baker due to his family business in the town of Hidalgo, Mexico or better known as “The Cradle of the Bakers.” When he came to this country, he worked for a prestigious Italian restaurant in the City of Livermore, CA, for about ten years. This experience allowed him to elaborate on the art of making Italian food. Cesar’s wife, Areli Aguilar, worked as a manager in a restaurant for ten years in Livermore. Her experience is in customer service, food handling, solving problems, and running a restaurant. Together, with both of their experiences in the industry, they are a power couple merging their ideas to create “El Hornito Pan Pizza.”


The menu offers various pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, salads, and desserts created for the whole family. Their vision is to be the best option for their clients in Newark and the surrounding cities. Especially during those tough times when a family can’t decide what to eat. What better place to enjoy than "El Hornito" if your child wants pizza, mom wants pasta or salad, and dad wants a sandwich. Their mission is to serve food with high-quality products and be committed to satisfying the needs of all of their customers. 

“El Hornito” is a Spanish word that means “little oven.” Cesar and Areli chose this name with the intent that their clients identify the business with the production of baked products. In addition, they wanted to incorporate their knowledge in bread making and their love for Italian food, the two things that are a big part of who they are. 

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