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Catering Menu 

El Hornito Pan Pizza Welcomes you to choose from our catering services for your next party or event.

We serve Weddings, birthday parties, proms, corporate, family, sport events, and many other occasions as well.



Chicken Alfredo Pasta


El Hornito's Signature Pasta

Appetizers (Half Trays)


Quantity: 50 pieces                   Half tray: $65.99

 Mozzarella Sticks

Quantity: 40 pieces                     Half tray: $44.94


  Chicken Tenders 

Quantity: 25 pieces                      Half tray: $50.95

   Jalapeno Poppers

Quantity: 40 pieces                    Half tray: $41.94

  Signature Nachos 

Half tray: $45.99


Half tray: $31.99 



Whole Cheesecake

(14 servings)




Whole tiramisu

(10 servings)


Caramel Flan 

Whole Flan

(12 servings)


Salads (Half Trays)

Caesar Salad

Half tray

No protein:  $41.94     

With Chicken $59.99       

With Shrimp: $67.99


Spring Mix Salad

Half tray

No protein:  $49.99

     With Chicken: $67.99      

With Shrimp: $75.99

El Hornitos Signature Salad

Half tray 

No protein: $58.04   

  With Chicken: $75.99      

With Shrimp: $83.99


Greek Salad Salad

Half tray

No protein: $49.99

      With Chicken: $67.99       With Shrimp: $75.99


Apple Spinach Salad

Half tray     

No protein: $41.94      

With Chicken: $59.99      

With Shrimp: $67.99


For pizza orders you can simply order off our regular menu. For pizza catering orders of 20 pizzas or more please contact us prior to ordering to check availability for the day.

Pastas (Half Trays)

El Hornitos Signature Pasta 

Half Tray Price: $75.99

Sensational Shrimp Pasta 

Half tray  Price: $85.99


Chicken Alfredo Pasta 

Half tray  Price:  $70.99

Chicken Carbonara Pasta 

 Half tray  Price: $75.99


El Hornito's Signature Grilled Chicken Sandwiches 

6 sandwiches   price: 48.99

Pulled Pork Barbeque Sandwiches 

6 sandwiches price : 48.99

Fat Buffalo Bacon Chicken Sandwiches 

6 sandwiches   Price: $54.99

 Classic Cheeseburgers 

6 sandwiches    Price: $42.99  


 How do I place an order?

How to place an order:

 Please allow at least one business day in advance to place your order. We sometimes accept same day orders upon request, just ask and we will be more than happy to help. Call us at 510-791-3145 to place a same day order.

  If you have any questions please contact us at or fill out the form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible, Thank you. 

You can also place your catering order online by clicking the button below!



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